Our Future Worlds

For my final project for the school year, I asked the Grade 1 students to put a figurine representing their future selves and their dream jobs in a diorama they created for Civics class. Here are their works!

I hope you enjoyed this school year, my dear Grade 1!


Take photos!

For a live class activity, I asked the Grade 8 students to take photos to illustrate clearly the difference between sentences with certain incomplete or complete comparisons.

They really went above and beyond. I couldn’t believe they were able to do these in just a few hours. Here are my favorites.

A few vs. A little

A Few Shoes vs. A Little Shoe

Grade 7 Round-Robbin Stories

We have just wrapped up our discussion on verbals, and as a way to formally close it, I asked the students to create short stories that use verbals in a specific kind of way.

For them to be able to pull of what they did in a week truly amazed me. Here is the work of both groups. Well done, Grade 7!

🐻 Boys’ Work

🧃 Girls’ Work

Instructional Videos

For their Civics and English output for the week, the Grade 1 students were asked to make creative and instructional videos where they would both give and receive instructions.

Most of them did so well, and I had so much fun watching their videos. Here are some of my favorites. (Sadly, there were more that I enjoyed but their videos’ privacy settings were different, so I cannot post them here.) Nonetheless, please enjoy these favorites. 😊

🍰 Jared Bakes 🍰

🌺 Ding Ding and Shushay’s Hula Dance 🌺

🧑 Iron Man Thirdy 🧑

🎮 Stephanie’s Online Gaming 🎮

🐱 Enrique Receives Instructions 🐱


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