Our Future Worlds

For my final project for the school year, I asked the Grade 1 students to put a figurine representing their future selves and their dream jobs in a diorama they created for Civics class. Here are their works!

I hope you enjoyed this school year, my dear Grade 1!




Take photos!

For a live class activity, I asked the Grade 8 students to take photos to illustrate clearly the difference between sentences with certain incomplete or complete comparisons.

They really went above and beyond. I couldn’t believe they were able to do these in just a few hours. Here are my favorites.

A few vs. A little


A Few Shoes vs. A Little Shoe




UNO Card Infographics

Because there are so many rules for subject-verb agreement, I decided to teach the Grade 7 students these different rules through different UNO Cards. As a culminating activity, I asked them to design their own cards for each rule. Sadly, we will have to skip rules 6–7, but here are my favorites for the rest of the rules!

Rule 1: The Basic Rule



What can you do aside from using technology?

Recently, the Grade 1 students and I discussed the importance of being careful in our use of gadgets. For their final output, I assigned them to make a comic on what else they could do instead of using their devices at home.

Here are my favorite ones!




Choose Your Player

We’ve recently wrapped up our topics on capitalization with the Grade 8 class. To formally close the topic, I asked the Grade 8 students to create sidekicks of their copy editing alter-egos. So many of them went the extra mile and did beautifully!

Here are my favorite ones (in no particular order).

💜 Aeesha 💜

🔥 Calvin 🔥



Instructional Videos

For their Civics and English output for the week, the Grade 1 students were asked to make creative and instructional videos where they would both give and receive instructions.

Most of them did so well, and I had so much fun watching their videos. Here are some of my favorites. (Sadly, there were more that I enjoyed but their videos’ privacy settings were different, so I cannot post them here.) Nonetheless, please enjoy these favorites. 😊

🍰 Jared Bakes 🍰

🌺 Ding Ding and Shushay’s Hula Dance 🌺

🧑 Iron Man Thirdy 🧑

🎮 Stephanie’s Online Gaming 🎮

🐱 Enrique Receives Instructions 🐱



Grade 2 Glossaries

Recently, I talked about the glossary with Grade 2 students. For their final output for the week, I asked them to create a real life “Word Wall” based on some stories we took up for the year. They then hung it up anywhere at home.

Here are some of my favorite works!



Make your own clock!

The Grade 1 students have been learning about time recently, and of course, I asked them to create their own clock out of things they can find and use at home. Check out my favorites!

⏰ Adel